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10 Steps From Piano Starter To A Pro

Beginners piano lessons are a must for someone who would want to learn to play the musical instrument. Love to hear the sound of piano and wondering how you could start playing it?

Learning to play a piano is not something that you can learn overnight. You can definitely make the task a whole lot simpler by following some basic steps. Take a look at what you can do, when starting out as a beginner.

The Top Ten Steps

The first step always seems to be the most difficult part for any piano beginner. However, nothing is difficult if you follow the right learning curve. Here are 10 successive lessons in the piano that will transform you from a beginner to pro in no time.

Step 1

It is important for you as a beginner to get yourself oriented correctly with the piano keyboard. To play simple melodies the most common position is the C position, and as a beginner, it will be the groundwork for you.

Step 2

Playing simple songs using the right hand only. The next step is to use your right hand to learn and master the C position. You can use memorable classics like “Jingle Bells” as a beginner to have a solid knowledge of the C position.

Step 3

Learn to play with the left hand. You are ready to shift your focus to the left hand once you get used to playing the basic songs and melodies using your right hand. A ‘C’ position is there for your left hand as well which begins one octave below the middle C.

Step 4

Get yourself introduced to reading sheet music. In step 4 you will start learning the musical notation basics and the names of the keys. The foundation of piano playing lies in reading the sheet music.

You require to learn only 7 keys, but as a beginner, it is important to learn them at a smooth pace. Then start practising with the right-hand different lessons keys starting C to G followed by G to F. At the same time practice reading music with the right hand.

The seven interactive exercises are created for beginners training in music reading skills.

Step 5

Learn to play with both your hands. Next, it is important to get accustomed to playing piano with both hands. The stepwise introduction will introduce you to practice the use of both hands and also develop hand independence.

The easy introductory lessons will let you build hand independence and coordination. This is important to take your piano skills to the next level and soon you will start playing piano with both hands confidently.

Step 6

Learning C Major Chord

Chord is playing more than one note simultaneously. In beginners piano lessons you will learn to play C major chord that comprises the combination of the keys C, E and G. Now learn the chord versions of previously practice songs during this course. This will help you to be more familiar with the C Major chord.

Step 7

Learning 3 Popular Chords

By learning 3 popular chords you can take your piano skills to the next level. These are the G major, F major, and the A minor chord. This lesson will be comprised of 3 interactive exercises to enable you to practice and learn chord fingering for every chord. In the end, you will learn to play a popular pop song.

Step 8

Chord Accompaniment Introduction

You will make to understand the chord accompaniment with the help of a song in this lesson that will enable to manage different chord accompaniments with ease.

Step 9

Playing Popular Song Melodies

You will learn the necessary techniques to play popular melodies using your right hand. These include wrist rolling and key jumping to reach efficiently to the away keys. After completing this step will be able to play your favourite songs.

Step 10

The Technique To Play Faster

In the last step, you will learn the technique of playing the melodies faster by practising the method of finger crossing and playing the progressions smoothly.

You will need a few weeks of practice before you would be able to complete all the lessons. And before you know it, you could play songs from Beethoven or Coldplay, all on your own!

Other techniques like passing the thumb below your hands while not causing any stress on the wrists. You are now an expert piano player. Play your favourite song to impress your family and friends.

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