Hire Piano Instructor

Experienced, Flexible, Supportive Especially For The Young Ones

In case you intend to hire piano instructor for you or for your child, strive to be sure if the person is the best one. The reason for this is that some of them include their work experience to be just formal training, and others have a teaching experience of the work.

A very important issue to take note of is that of finding the best instructor. It is advisable that after you have shortlisted all the applicants for the post, you should try to ensure that you choose the best among them.

Not an easy and simple yet cross-examination can benefit you when doing this job.

• Teaching Experience

We try as much as we can to ensure that all students are comfortable and that they enjoy learning at their own speed. Our instructors are very friendly and have a very high experience in teaching all students, regardless of their ages and the levels of their skills.

We have all undertaken a NSW Government certified “Working with children” police check. Has certified us to work with the children in training them on how to play piano. Given that it is something we have been doing for most of our lives.

• Areas And Days We Conduct Service

We offer lessons in different places depending on the location of the students. For instance, all beginners in the lessons take their classes from Campbell.

Others can have their classes from around Inner West, Western Suburbs, Eastern Suburbs, and North Sydney. All these take place any day of the week, where our instructors can teach all styles of music.

• Style Of Music

Therefore, anyone interested in musical theatre, jazz, classical, contemporary, or popular music is in safe hands. It is, however, advisable for students to develop an interest to learn piano using all genres to make the lessons and piano playing more interesting.

• Feeling About Mistakes And Slow Learners

It is very important for every instructor to go with the student’s pace in learning. Students can ask instructors any questions that they have.

In case they do not understand, it is the instructor’s duty to teach them until they get to know what is required. At the end of all the lessons, the student should be capable of enjoying playing the piano.

• Teaching Process

The difficulty usually comes about when asked to teach young children of up to age five. We are very experienced in training these young children right from scratch all the way, to when they are capable to play piano by themselves. They can always begin to learn how to play the piano and basic music theory to help them in the subsequent classes.


We are aware that majority of the classes have to take place after the school hours. Thus, arrangements can be made that Piano Lessons instructors will come right to your home. To teach your children in your home and that saves you from fighting traffic.

Service Charge

You should be able to come to terms with your piano instructor on the amount required for the entire period. They should charge a reasonable amount to be paid in hours per day, week, or on a monthly basis. This will help you be sure of the resources required.

Student Recital

It is also important that a student give a presentation at the end of the lesson. This is because it is the most interesting part where the student gets to do their favourite piece to an audience.

The instructor should take the initiative of planning how the solo performance should take place. A good piano instructor should find a venue for the show as well as to advertise it.

Qualities Of The Piano Instructor

There are important qualities of an instructor that you should always consider before hiring an one.

– Firstly, the instructor should be experienced enough and have referrals. Necessary qualifications to teach piano are very crucial, even if the instructor is young.

– Secondly, it is important that you work with an instructor that will help in showing you off to the world during a recital. Presentations help students improve their self-confidence as well as showing the audience the much they have learned.

– Lastly, the piano instructor should be flexible. He/she should be supportive and patient, especially with the young children. Children have different paces of learning.

The instructor should be able to know their students and teach them patiently. There is nothing so good as seeing your child do a performance after the lessons. You become proud of your child.

Piano Lessons Tutor and Co-ordinator – Kayla

Currently a student at the University of Technology, Sydney, She is an eager, professional and reliable piano tutor who loves working with students of all ages. She has been playing piano for 14 years and have 3 years of teaching experience. She loves to teach students about contemporary and popular music.

Call Kayla at this number 02 8007 3350. Please note this number will divert to her mobile phone. However, she will not always be in a position where she can answer but please leave a message with student info and suburb.