How Do You Hire A Great Piano Teacher?

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Planning to hire a piano teacher for you or for your child? Be sure you are hiring the best person for the job. Some piano teachers include formal training as their work experience while others have teaching experience.


Important Information You Ought To Know


When you have finally shortlisted the applicants for the piano teacher post, finding the best among them is your task. It will not be simple, thus, cross-examination can be beneficial when handling this job.


Frame of Reference


Before you hire a piano teacher, you may want to ask for referrals from your applicants. Inquire from them about the performance of your possible candidate, his/her overall abilities, character and the like. However, if one cannot give you any names, be on alert and continue looking for a qualified teacher.


Teaching Experience


Prospective piano teacher must have been playing the piano for considerable length of time. Find out from these applicants how long they have been playing and/or teaching piano lessons. The best piano teacher must have vast experience in teaching and playing the piano.


Your Practice Requirements and Anticipation


Schedule the days when you are available for practice and let the teacher knows about it. You need to agree with those days, time and venue for the lesson. At the early stage of your session expectations such as timeframe to finish the lectures, recitals, etc. can be discussed and approved on both the student and teacher to avoid misunderstanding, confusion and false impression.


Render A Representative Piece


The best piano teacher can play a piano piece to his/her clientele to show his/her prowess in this field. While the candidate is playing the music pay special attention on the posture, technique used. These traits will be passed down to you during the sessions to become a good player.


Type Of Music


Finding the right piano teacher for the kind of music you wish to learn is a must. An expert in the style of music you desire to learn is an add-on while learning the basic to start with. At the end of the lesson, the tutor may allow you to choose your own kind of music to play and render in your recital.


Reactions About Slow Learners


It is essential to ask the teacher how does it feel when a student is a slow learner but prepared to give his/her time to study diligently. A good piano teacher is willing to adjust to the learning curve of the student.


Teaching Process


It is a good idea to ask what teaching methods the teacher will use. It is important that you feel comfortable with the teacher’s techniques before hiring one.


Venue For The Entire Sessions


Taking lessons in your home may sound convenient, cozy, and homely. However, there are a few drawbacks that need to be considered while at home during sessions. First are interruptions that you have to minimize and must be controlled. Second, ensure the place where you practice is clean.

Therefore, it is highly recommended that these sessions be held outside your home and let the tutor decides where it should be held. Either at the tutor’s home or at a studio where a piano is readily available.


Service Charge


Look for a piano teacher who charges a reasonable amount for the entire period. If they opted to be paid by the hour, you have to conform on how many hours a session should take. This way, you will be prepared for the funds needed.


Student Recital


Ask the teacher if a student will hold a recital at the end of the lesson. If the teacher holds recitals, planning the solo performance, the venue, advertise the show, and help the protégé be ready for the big night are the many tasks a teacher should do. Recital is the most important part of being a piano student, playing his favourite piece in front of an audience.


Qualities Of The Piano Teacher


• Experience and referrals are important. Even if the teacher is young, they must have the necessary qualifications to teach piano. Many piano teachers have degrees in music or music education.


• You do not want to work with a teacher who is so set in their own ways that they cannot adapt to each student. If your teacher gets bored while teaching you, the lessons will be worthless.


• The piano teacher should be able to adapt to various learning styles. The teacher should be supportive and patient, especially with children. You do not want to work with a teacher who is condescending. If you are looking for a good piano teacher for your child, make sure that they understand what children need to learn. Watching your child in a recital can be very rewarding.


• Work with a teacher who will help you show off your skills during a recital. Performing is a great way to show others what you have learned and it can improve your self-confidence.


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