How long does it really take to learn the piano? This is a question we hear almost every day at Piano Lessons Australia. Maybe you have a piece in mind you want to perform for an event, and you need to know how long it will take to master it. Maybe you are interested in starting lessons and want to see the finish line before you even start. Or maybe you want to know how long until you can jam with your other musical friends. 

The real answer to this question. As disappointing as it may be, it just depends on what you want to get out of the piano!

Continue reading this blog post to explore the possibilities and how long it will take to reach your goals.

How Long Does It Really Take To Learn The Piano? 1

How Well Do You Want to Play Piano?

Firstly, the amount of time it takes to learn to play piano all depends on how far you want to progress & what level you want to achieve. An unexperienced, unmusically skewed person could learn a simple melody on the piano in minutes from a youtube video. Although, if you have bigger goals — say, becoming the next world-class classical pianist, and wish to perform incredibly crazy pieces like Liszt’s Hungarian Rhapsody number 5 — you’d have to invest at least 10 to 15 years of study with a professional piano teacher and hours of practice per day.

Most students undertaking piano lessons in their own home with Piano Lessons Australia are aiming for something in between these two extremes. Whatever you’re goal may be, your progress ultimately depends on your own practice outside of piano lessons, how motivated you are to continue learning & how fast you learn.

Great Teacher + Motivated, Hardworking Student = Great Success

If you are serious about maximising your learning & progress, we highly recommend enrolling in piano lessons in your own home. Having a loyal, dedicated teacher to push you and encourage your practice during weekly lessons is the only way to achieve your maximum rate of progress.

With that being said, a huge factor in how fast you progress is simply the amount of consistent, concentrated piano practice you put in week after week, month after month, and year after year.

Learning Piano is a Life Long Journey

No one should feel discouraged by how long it will take them to reach their piano goals, especially when most of the fun of learning piano is in the journey! With hard work and determination, you could learn your favourite song, even it is above your current playing ability. It may take a few months, and you may face some challenges, but the reward of being able to play your favourite song is worth the time and effort.

Students progress a lot faster when they see their piano study as a skill that will provide them with a lifetime of creative and musical fulfilment and enjoyment. For me, my favourite part of the day is when I get to wind down and play my favourite pieces.

If you’ve always wanted to play the piano, there is no reason not to start right now! Our loyal, dedicated professional teachers at Piano Lessons Australia will travel to you for weekly lessons. The journey may seem long, but with Piano Lessons Australia, the journey will be a fun one!