How Do You Learn To Play The Piano?

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Why You Should Learn To Play The Piano

You can teach yourself how to learn to play the piano. You can start to learn how to play right away, or even today. Why not? Learning how to play the piano is giving yourself a real and really cool talent to have in life. It is a great decision to make, and one that you have no reason to regret at all.

So you finally want to take the leap, and try playing the piano once and for all. You may have decided earlier on in your life, that playing the piano was not for you. It could have been because you tried and failed at it, and that you were so embarrassed you did not want to ever try playing again. Or, you have never actually touched a piano because it seemed like it was too hard of an instrument to play. Or, it could even be that you have simply never had the opportunity to try playing a piano and want to finally give it a shot.

Whatever your reasoning is now, make sure that you choose the correct method for how you want to learn to play piano. It is important to understand what your options are. Like many people, you may not even know there are different options for learning how to play the piano.

So you want to learn how to play songs right? That may even be the whole reason for why you are learning to play the piano! But many old fashioned tutorials will only show you how to play the basic fundamentals and not focus on playing music at all. Instead they make you focus on playing only chords, scales, theory and the like.

So for actually learning how to play songs on the piano, there are four main ways to do it:

1. Reading Sheet Music

Sheet music is a very popular way for teaching yourself how to play songs. Many people use this method to learn how to play piano throughout their childhood. The main issue is that this method is not very effective. You learn how to play the songs eventually, but it will take you a long time. It can easily take months or even years for a person to learn a single song using this method. In fact, learning how to read sheet music in the first place is pretty hard. Then having an exact song yo want to play and learning to read the notes, it is too complicated, for no real reason.

2. Learning To Play By Ear

This is good for the people who have natural ability. They be able to recognise the different facets of the music very easily. The chords, melody, notes, nuances, and the song itself are embedded in their minds while they listen to it. So they can literally learn how to play a song, just by simply listening to it. This is fascinating but not applicable to the average person.

3. Watching YouTube Tutorials

This is a good option. You can use your Ipad or phone to learn, while you are sitting right at the piano! But to warn you, using these tutorials can also be difficult. You have to watch the video and then copy exactly what the person in the video is doing. You have to pause and replay the video many times. You only be able to know exactly what they are teaching you, and being more versatile could be difficult for you. But if you want to learn just basic songs, then this is a solid choice.

4. Improvisation Using Chords

This is the quickest method to learn how to play piano. And not just for learning how to play songs, but actually for learning how to having real skill with playing the piano. If you are not looking to play piano at a professional level, and just want to learn to play as a side hobby in your spare time, this is good to pick. It will make the most efficient use out of your time and effort for the best results.

The Best Model For Learning

What you need to focus on is the 80/20 principle. It is not just used in music, but also in business or other professional settings. The rule is that 20% of the amount of effort put into something, will equal 80% or more of the results. So what you need to do, is isolate the 20% of your key effort that is contributing to most of your results and focus on it.

This principle is for the majority of people who are not looking to be professional musicians. They do not want to spend years and years of their time perfecting the art of playing the piano. Most potential students are just looking to get a good grasp on playing the piano, enough to feel comfortable with it so that they can play any songs they wish to.

Try and see if the 20% of effort in the learning process can be found and would learn how to play their favourite songs, techniques, the basics and more, all in just a few weeks time. Instead of years they be able to be proficient with playing the piano in a very short amount of time.

Learning by ear, reading sheet music, or watching YouTube videos cannot compete with this timeframe. Or with this kind of efficiency either. You actually know and be comfortable with playing the piano by using this method. Not just stuck with random points in tutorials, or struggling to learn sheet music.

Why You Should Learn How To Play The Piano

1. Has it ever been easier to learn how to play the piano? Our modern era has given people so many options. Or you can even go with more traditional options. There are a lot to choose from, like taking privately taught piano lessons, reading articles, watching videos online, buying courses in all kinds of formats, or especially using DVD courses to show you how to play the piano at your own pace.

2. Easy to afford. At the same cost for what you spend on a night out, you can buy yourself a piano course. The main types of courses you can buy come in book or DVD formats. DVDs are better since they’re just as professionally done as any book, but you can have your own personal teacher helping you understand everything. On the flipside, books can be great too since these days they usually come with audio CDs to help you work through their lessons.

3. Great for your children. Your family will benefit from you learning how to play the piano too. You can play songs for the kids, or even teach your children how to play music. Then they can pass that down to their kids, and you have given generations of your family the awesome gift of knowing how to make their own music.

4. Play your music whenever you want. Instead of waiting for your favourite song to upload or to come on to the radio, you can play them at your own leisure. As you get more advanced you might want to look into sheet music. You can buy it in-store or online in digital format. A lot of sites will let you listen to the music from the sheets, so you know exactly what you are buying.

5. Be an entertainer. Playing for family and friends and having them sing along, makes great memories for everyone. You could even teach a little too, to anyone that really wants to know how to play too.

6. Did you know people will play the piano for decades? There have been people who were well into their nineties who still loved to play the piano. It does not just have to a be gift for others, you can give yourself a lifetime of enjoyment by learning how to play. You can cherish the years you spent learning so much, and the results you had, for the rest of your life.

7. Because of how it functions, the piano will allow you to play music from any category. Pianos can play multiple notes at the same time, so they are extremely flexible to work with. Or you can also look into playing with an electronic piano. This will allow you to really expand how you play. Or even compose music very easily!

8. Your senses will change. Your ears will pick up on subtle sounds more easily, the more you play the piano. So even when you are listening to songs on your gadgets, you will be able to listen more deeply than you did before. Even songs that you listened to since forever, will sound different to you. You be able to relish the different sounds, and may even want to try listening to other categories of music. Learning to play the piano will turn other forms of music for you, into an art too.

9. The piano is easy to learn on. Unlike other instruments, the piano is simple. For example, playing the guitar requires many certain finger positions and those are only for learning to play the fundamental chords and notes! The piano makes it very simple for anyone of any skill level, to learn how to play at least the basic chords in just a few lessons or even more quickly.

10. The piano has been around for hundreds of years, and is still used heavily today in even modern music. In fact, the piano instrument specifically, has made huge impacts on all major music genres over the years. Piano chords are also still heavily used in the entertainment industry, professional plays, the background music in videos, etc.

So, do you see now just how many reasons there are for learning how to play the piano? So if I have managed to convince just a little that the piano is a worthwhile instrument, then please do not hesitate to give it a try. I do not think that you be surprised to find out later, that it was one of the best decisions you ever made in your life.

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