How Do You Hire A Great Piano Teacher?

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Wish To Have Desirable Piano Classes?

It is possible to teach yourself or opt for alternative methods like online courses on piano classes. One of the most versatile and soothing musical instruments to learn is a piano. Not only do people love learning how to play the piano for the skills but its various moods that stimulate the listeners. Identifying a great teacher to take you on your journey is one of the hardest part in learning to play a piano.

A good place to start your instructional search is the local music stores. In most cases, they will hire professionals to come and train different instruments round the clock and you might just land a good piano teacher.

If the selected teacher does not match your preference, you can ask them to recommend someone else in your community who can offer the lessons to you. In most cases, you might find a good fit this way. If that does not work and you have someone who tunes your piano, you could also ask them for recommendations. After all there are fair chances that they know plenty of people in the music spheres. Just to be safe, make sure that you interview any piano teacher if you get them from your piano tuner or other recommendations.

Universities or colleges are a feasible option if you want to get an instructor who is really professional. You might have to sign up for one but it will be worth the trouble considering that these teachers are fully qualified for their positions.

You also have the added advantage of getting extra knowledge that only a degree graduate in music could offer. Since you have signed up, you are going to be a student and you have to check the attendance policy of the school even though you will not be attending full-time.

When finding good piano classes there are limitless options. You might not be able to land a private tutor but you can opt for music stores, schools, friends, or even at church can make good teachers to help improve your piano skills.

The Development Of Motor Skills

How the development of your fine motor skills as a beginner are being damaged by conventional piano teaching methods.

Forcing development and progress can cause permanent damage to a person’s skills which happen to be very vulnerable. This is comparable to forcing open flower petals before the flower is able to do this on its own. ‘Do it right the first time’ in learning to play a piano but it is constantly flouted to the development and perfection of skills.

The maiming and derailing of muscle development among piano learners is sad and outrageous in the name of developing skills should be avoided at all costs.

Development Stages

The development stages involved in playing a piano and developing the fine motor skills should be as follows:

– Using any finger to find the right key

– Using the right fingers to find the correct key

– Being able to play keys with different rhythm, duration

– Considering the pulse and tempo while playing

– Considering the quality of sound while playing e.g. character and dynamics

Before moving to the next level, a child should be able to have mastered the current level comfortably without any shoving. Just as in the case of walking, there is some level of clumsiness that is expected at the first performance.

Masterful Performance

Most instructors expect a masterful performance filled with precision, rhythm, expressive performance and perfectly rounded hands from piano players as young as 3 years old while the child has just learnt to locate the keys on the piano by themselves.

Children learning the piano are forced to play without looking at the keys or seeing the names of the keys. Apparently, their teachers expect them to project the keys mentally without the support of vision.

With all things considered, such a learning environment places undue stress on the child’s muscles and perception. The results are irreversible consequences that negatively impact the development of fine motor skills as well as the nervous system.

During conventional piano classes the forceful treatment will result pain in the neck, clamped hands and lifted shoulders among other muscular development complications.

One of the greatest slave masters of our muscles is the feat of uncertainty and the fear of getting hurt or injured. This occurs naturally as our body’s own defence which uses analytical comprehension first.

In young players, the stress caused by overload of information causes the injuries and gripping of muscles and consequently inhibits the assimilation of coordination skills causing rigidity in the muscles. To children, this can lead to various physical and spiritual complications that could influence the development of the child’s personality.

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