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Piano Training – The Best Way To Start Your Child’s Musical Career

Music has an excellent track record in developing the brain and other cognitive faculties. You may one time ask yourself … ‘what is the best instrument to start out your child with?’ And the answer is the piano! It is the best instrument to launch your child’s piano training and career. This is mainly because it brings about numerous benefits at a time.

This instrument enhances the hand-eye coordination skills. This stems from the fact that it requires you to read two separate lines of music at a time. At the same time, it requires you to cover the basic musical concepts such as the identifications of notes.

That aside, the piano is the only musical instrument that has the ability to mimic the sounds of the typical orchestra. This is due to its unconstrained ability to generate various musical notes. It has a wide range of pitch because of its 88 keys as well as its ability to blend perfectly well with others.

What if a child has already begun learning another instrument but piano?

The piano allows your child to play without necessarily having to fix or set the intonation. Moreover, it gives your child the joy in playing their desired tunes in the highest pitch possible. This, in turn, enhances their learning experience by making it more enjoyable.

The Benefits Of Teaching A Child The Piano

Listed and explained below are top five reasons that make the piano the best musical instrument for your child. They also make the instrument the best alternative for your child to start out with.

Can Be Learned At Any Age

Your child, and indeed just about everyone, can learn the piano at any age. The instruments impose no restrictions that are characteristic of other instruments of its kind. These include physical dimensions, strength requirements, finger stretch, and the weight of the instrument, among others.

Playing the piano largely depends on the individual concerned. The age of four years is by far the most recommended for starting out the piano lessons. This is because it is at this age that your child shall have developed the skills and physical maturity required for successful progress. These include motor skills and the ability to comprehend and respond appropriately to instructions.

Children who are aged below four years, on the other hand, have shorter attention spans. They, therefore, find it quite difficult to learn new concepts. To teach your children the piano lessons effectively, you are advised to administer to them the toddler classes. This basically introduces them to the basic keyboard skills which are crucial for their future progress.

Confers Intuitive Learning

By introducing your children early to the piano lessons, you also give them the ability to develop intuitive relationships. This proves handy and relevant in later years. The piano stands apart from other instruments in the sense that it requires you not to learn how to hold it properly. All you have to do is to sit uprightly and at the correct distances and heights.

It is worth noting that playing the piano even after sitting in the correct posture is still no simple task. Your child will first and foremost have to learn to maintain your back straight throughout the performance while ensuring that your fingers are curved at the same time.

After getting this right, the child will have to slowly but steadily learn to balance the foot that is placed on the pedal while placing the other on the ground. After getting the performance posture right, the child is now good to go!

Provides Colourful Worlds Of Various Sounds

The typical piano comprises 88 keys and a set of seven notes that are repeated. These two jointly cover the entire spectrum of pitches. Irrespective of the preferences that your child might develop towards certain notes, chords, or bass, the piano is indeed able to generate it. These have the uncanny ability to spark the imaginations of your child and boost their overall potential.

Full Of Fun

Playing the piano brings about more benefits than just the ability to play it. It allows your child to sing along too, share your keyboard experience, and bond with the whole family! Moreover, your child may also play it in company with others.

For this reason, your child will find it great and handy for composing their own melodies and accompaniments. Moreover, the training itself also incorporates some theory and basic musical know-how. These form the bedrock for understanding other instruments like keyboards and violins.

Develops Cognitive Capabilities and Dexterity

Lastly, the piano develops your child’s cognitive capabilities and dexterity. This is because by playing the piano, the heart, the brain, the hands, and the eyes, of your child are involved. This involvement enables your child to develop its cognitive functions, multitasking skills, and coordination. Examples of these include the following:

• Promoting the speed of reading by training your eyes multiple staves to guide the fingers;
• Aiding in coordination by letting the right and left-hand sides to performing distinct chores and techniques;
• Upholding reliable rhythms and pulses; and
• Inculcating a proper sense of musicality.

To sum it up, it is necessary to start out early such that by the time your child reaches Grade 2, he will have already mastered the foundational basics. These basics include the capability to read the bass and the treble clefs, playing the different scales, and playing several tunes from memory rather than by reading the score sheets.

Obtaining these skills will generally take anywhere from one-and-a-half to three years. This, however, depends on the precise age of your child and the intensity of the practise he is subjected to. Yet another benefit of these foundational skills is the fact that your child may use them to pursue other complicated musical instruments like the guitar and the violin.

Generally speaking, your child develops physically, mentally, and emotionally, by playing the piano. This is also a wonderful recreational activity that is worthwhile and memorable.

Highly Recommended

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We are a network of Uni Students looking for piano tutor work….

We offer you 1 on 1 home piano lessons for students of all ages and levels.

If you are looking for an eager, professional & reliable piano tutor to come to your home – one of us will be available, and will be able to provide you a very reasonable piano tutoring rate.